Business start-up abroad

Starting up a business abroad requires experience and in particular, a flawless implementation. offers companies embarking on an export venture specialized consulting services in all aspects of foreign trade including new market evaluation or simple stock-reduction in order to help your business achieve its objectives fast.

New market research: Make sure that the markets you are evaluating represent a real business opportunity. conducts market research bearing in mind the benefits of your product or brand and offering valuable insights into the local market to help you find the right strategy for your new business venture.

Step-by-step analysis of your foreign trade process: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your foreign trade process to ensure the fluid operation of your export sales abroad.

Business strategies: Thanks to our knowledge of the countries where we operate, we deliver accurate assessment to develop and implement your commercial strategies.

Start-up: Expanding your business into new markets requires a flawless implementation in a foreign environment. Through its local contacts, can help you to build your sales and legal team, and implement all the services your company requires

Relocation: We design service packages for your business according to the requirements of each relocation, providing the executive and his/her family trust and confidence in the process of adapting to their new home place. © 2012 All Rights Reserved